Lil'  Jimmy Reed (USA) feat. Bob Hall and the A Team (USA)

Still playing and touring the World, Lil' Jimmy Reed is probably the last of the original Louisiana bluesmen. Born Leon Atkins in Baton Rouge in 1930, aged six he taught himself to play on a cigar box guitar, and aged eighteen his lucky break came when he replaced a well-known local star on stage who was too drunk to play. That man was called Jimmy Reed. Thus “Little” Jimmy Reed was born. He thus escaped the poverty of the southern US and went on to play with a great many of the legendary blues stars who ignited the 60s blues boom both here and in the US. Here is possibly your last chance of hearing a living link to the origins of our early 60s bands such as Alexis Korner, John Mayall and The Rolling Stones.

Jimmy Reed was born Leon Atkins in the 1930’s near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and later became known as Li’l Jimmy Reed), At an early age, he developed a love of music to escape the pain of the poverty stricken Southern US. He favoured the guitar and the harmonica, and often dreamed of some day becoming a famous guitar player and travelling the hatred of Southern Louisiana. For Leon growing up across the street of a nightclub fascinated him, hearing the sounds of the guitars, pianos, and the jukebox music echoing throughout the night was to him a pure joy. When he saw the local men playing music he would often imitate them on his childlike imaginary guitar. But soon that would change. When he was just six years old, one of the older men who had taken notice of Leon’s love for music surprised him by making him his very first guitar out of a small cigar box.
Leon loved it and that sparked the beginning of a life long relationship of a man and his guitar. As Leon grew into his teenage years, he spent most of his after school days working in the local saw mill and the town shoe shop after school. Growing tired of fixing shoes, Leon let it be known to his father that he wanted to play music. One Monday after his father returned home from a good days work with gifts for the family, Leon patiently waited his turn and was speechless, when his Dad handed him a brand new guitar. By that Saturday evening, Leon was playing the guitar as if he had taken music lessons for years. Leon played music by ear without any teachings or lessons ever taken. Soon he entertained the locals around town and realized there must be a better way to help provide for his family and himself. Leon turned 18 in 1957 and went to Barber College in Little Rock Arkansas. He continued to pursue his musical talent as he quickly advanced with simple jobs such as playing in the local juke joints and blues alleys. In these lumber walls and saw dust covered floors, Leon became a favorite of the locals, and others who heard him play.
One night in an upper scale blues club, Leon was able to get that one lucky break. A well known blues artist by the name of “Jimmy Reed” was scheduled to perform. Leon knew Jimmy Reed’s music really well, from childhood listening to jukebox music from the nearby nightclub. Leon had always wanted to see the real Jimmy Reed and finally he had the chance to do just that. Be it unknown to Leon, this night would change his life forever.
As Leon recalls, Mr. Reed had obviously gotten drunk, and Leon was asked to take his place. “They snuck him out back, and came and got me” Leon recalls clearly. Mr. Reed was just too drunk to play”. The crowd couldn’t tell the difference and the show was a hit. Leon gave a show stopping performance. Thus was born “LIL’ JIMMY REED”, and soon he achieved his childhood dream. Over the years he has worked and played with a “who’s who” top bluesmen including Bobby Bland, Ike Turner, Little Milton, Clarence Carter, Tabby Thomas, Billy Bonds, Willie Clayton, and Otis Grand, and many, many more. He has also recorded a long list of 45s, albums and CDs under his own name.
Lil Jimmy Reed continues to play all over the US and Europe and as he happily says “life just get better with time”, and now he is one of the last of the “second generation” Louisiana bluesmen who is still playing and touring. In october he toured Russia: an epic success !
TOUR: TBA 2018

Miller Anderson (SCO)

This Woodstock veteran Miller was born in Houston near Glasgow in Scotland in 1945
Here is a list showing some of the bands that he has been involved with....
The Voice (1965) with Ian Hunter, Bill Bruford
Keef Hartley Band (1968 - 1971). In November 1968 Miller joined Keef Hartley to record the Halfbreed album. This lineup played in Woodstock Festival, on its second day, although unfortunately they don't appear on the movie or soundtrack.
They released a second album, The battle of North West Six, another superb album. It was recorded with Spit James in the band, with contributions from Mick Taylor (The Rolling Stones) on guitar on one track. Around 1970 they released Overdog, with help from former member Dino Dines (keyboards) and Colosseum drummer Jon Hiseman. Next step was the opposite. Keef records a live album in the Marquee in London, with a big band. Appropiately called Little big band. They toured with a big line up, up to 20 members sometimes. And soon later, Miller decides to pursue his solo career They get a new guitarist, Junior Kerr. They were two guitarists for a few weeks, until Miller Anderson finally leaves in 1971.
Miller Anderson Band (1971 - 1973)
After releasing his solo album, bright city, Miller assembled a band to make some concerts. Although he didn't tour, there are at least some sessions for the BBC in 1971. He called in many of his friends that played in the album. With Pete Wingfield.
Miller played with: Deep Purple, T-Rex, Donovan, Spencer Davis group, Dog Soldier, Mick Taylor, Jon Lord, Savoy Brown etc.
For a full list
go: career.html
TOUR: on demand and festivals year round NL, BE,DE,LUX

Mission of Soul: Cee Cee James & Rob 'slideboy' Andrews (USA)

Cee Cee James is an internationally known 'performance artist extraordinaire' in her well honed craft of giving the depth of ache and vulnerability in her original Roots/Blues Musical Performances, Talks, One on One Sessions and Workshops. After 4 successful award winning CD's, two singles and touring many places within the U.S. and Europe, she has discovered the essence of what her 'MISSION' has been about throughout the journey to 'now.'
Cee Cee's performance 'claim to fame' with her Fans has been RAW & REAL which has been the key into every heart. There is no pretense. There is no posing. There is no perfection. What there is, is a bare aching human vulnerability and understanding of the 'journey' we are all on within the stories in the songs, and within the understanding heart flowing through her voice whether in concert, giving a talk or workshop, or sitting in a personal on on one session.
Cee Cee's lyrics and performances all reflect this truth, this knowing, this reality, and in the core of it all is:
'THE MISSION' of S.O.U.L. being ' Surrendering, Opening, Unblocking Love'
Heartfelt, intense Blues, Roots, Soul played by: Cee Cee James and Rob 'slideboy' Andrews


TOUR: 2018 TBA

Mitch Kashmar & Band (USA/DEU)

West Coast harmonica player MITCH KASHMAR (1960/Santa Barbara, CA - ) is one of the California disciples who soaked up the sound and the soul of Chicago and Mississippi and Cali-customized it. His theory is the California harp scene started with Arkansas native George "Harmonica" Smith, who settled in L.A. soon after leaving Muddy Waters' band. "Rod got some of it and Kim Wilson got some," Kashmar says of Smith's fat, rounded tones, which often sounded more like an entire horn section than a man with a harmonica. "I got some of it from them." Like Wilson, The Fabulous Thunderbirds singer and harmonica legend, Kashmar grew up in Santa Barbara. " would come back at holiday time, climb down from the T-Birds and play gigs with us," says Kashmar, who played with Wilson in 1981 while the T-Birds were recording Butt Rockin'. "He's one of those guys who'll do it right up till it's over and then some."

Mitch Kashmar has come a long way since his youth in what is now often perceived as the quaint beachside community of Santa Barbara, CA. They've all known what the rest of the blues world is about to find out: Mitch Kashmar is a force to be reckoned with in the blues. Mitch Kashmar has been making a name for himself with his own albums and his appearances with rock and blues giants. Mitch Kashmar has shared the stage with some of the most influential blues musicians including John Lee Hooker, Big Joe Turner, Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson, Lowell Fulson, Jimmy Witherspoon, Pee Wee Crayton, Johnny Adams and many others.

While still attending high school, Mitch began sneaking into his first gigs with local bands in Santa Barbara using his brother's ID. By 1980, he formed his own group, The Pontiax, continuing to perform throughout the Santa Barbara and Southern California region. Around the mid-80s, Mitch made the move to Los Angeles and The Pontiax recorded "100 Miles to Go" for the Belgium label, Blue Sting Records. They soon went out on the road expanding their fan base globally with tours throughout the US, Canada, Europe and the South Pacific.

The musical styles of The Pontiax drew on a wide range of influences including Chicago Blues, New Orleans R&B, West Coast Jump Blues and Swing, Boogie Woogie, Louisiana Swamp Rock, Texas Blues and straight forward Jazz. The Pontiax also became very popular within the music community being called into action on stage as back up band with many legendary blues musicians such as Albert Collins, Charlie Musselwhite, Luther Tucker, Pinetop Perkins, William Clarke, Kim Wilson, Roy Gaines and many of the aforementioned artists.

Mitch's blues harp playing is second to none for creativity, drive and excitement. And he's also just as witty and imaginative in the role of songwriter. Moving on to a solo career recording "Crazy Mixed-Up World" in '99, Kashmar started making a name for himself and touring with his own band but it wasn't until his 2005 effort "Nickels & Dimes", featuring guitar great Junior Watson on Delta Groove Music's label, that his stock really began to rise. Kashmar was recognized two consecutive years in a row by the Blues Music Awards with nominations in 2006 as Best New Artist Debut and followed in 2007 as Best Instrumentalist - Harmonica.

When taking a break from his solo career, Mitch has also signed on for active duty with the latest touring incarnation of the classic 70's funk-rock band War, and even made rock 'n' roll history appearing onstage alongside legendary British rocker Eric Burdon & War for a reunion concert held on April 21, 2008 at London's Royal Albert Hall.

TOUR: 28 june - 18 july and 1 oct - 7 nov  2017  NL,BE,LUX,CH   for other countries info on request.


Neal Black & the Healers (USA/EU)


NEAL BLACK, from San Antonio,Texas is one the most important American artists on the Blues scene today….His music is rooted in Texas tradition, but NEAL BLACK is no imitator, He is an innovator. A powerful performer, a gifted songwriter, and a transcendental guitarist .NEAL BLACK is one of the hottest talents to emerge from Texas in over a decade…

Since the deaths of Screamin' Jay Hawkins and John Campbell, Neal Black has been the king of the voodoo blues. Dark, occult themes have always resided in Black's songs, and "Handful of Rain" is no different, with tales of New Orleans black magic running through the album. Now based out of Europe much of the year, Black's incendiary guitar work and powerful vocals place him among the most powerful straddlers of blues and rock going – seat him alongside Ronnie Earl and Johnny Winter. With his distinctive, Howlin' Wolf-inflected singing voice and his Texas-styled lead guitar , Black is one of the most intriguing listens in the blues today. Whether you're an old fan who lost track of him or new to his brand of swamp blues, Black's latest album is awfully hard to pry out of your CD player.


NEAL BLACK , Texas Blues-Rock-Roots guitarist /vocalist has spent the last 30 years electrifying audiences around the world with his fusion of Blues , Rock , Jazz, Country .. Referred to by one critic as " THE MASTER OF HIGH VOLTAGE TEXAS BOOGIE "

ROLLING STONE MUSIC CRITICS gave 4 STAR reviews to NEAL BLACK's first 2 Albums , and "THE NEW YORK FREE PRESS") wrote " NEAL BLACK is one of the most important Blues songwriters /performers on the scene today".

NEAL BLACK has recorded 6 cd's for DIXIEFROG records (Europe) , his most recent " HANDFUL OF RAIN " released March 2007 was Number 1 on the France Blues Radio Airplay Charts .. NEAL BLACK has been with Dixiefrog records for 16 years (longer than any other Artist on the Label ). In the U.S.A his records are available on the FLYING FISH/DELUGE label ,, ALLEGRO distribution , and HARMONIA MUNDI distribution ,

NEAL BLACK is also featured on POLYGRAM RECORDS Compilation " BLUES STORY" where he appears on 4 Volumes of the Compilation series with legendary Blues artists like; MUDDY WATERS, FREDDY KING, ROY BUCHANAN, CHUCK BERRY and others..

In 2005 NEAL BLACK was nominated in France /Europe for the The Trophee du Blues as "Best Modern Electric Blues Guitarist "

NEAL BLACK's guitarist credits include performances on stage or in the studio with Blues /Rock legends like ; JIMMY DAWKINS , POPA CHUBBY ,LUCKY PETERSON , JOHNNIE JOHNSON , THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS , PAPA JOHN CREACH , CHUCK BERRY , VAN WILKS, JOHN SEBASTIAN(ex- Doors , Lovin Spoonful) , DAN BAIRD ( ex-Georgia Sattelites), GERARDO VELEZ(ex- Jimi Hendrix),GIB WHARTON ( ex- Cassandra Wilson) HARVEY BROOKS (ex- Bob Dylan ), JON PARIS ( ex-Johnny Winter), , JOSE FORS & FORSEPS( Legendary Mexican Artist/Musician), ALABAMA SLIM, FRED CHAPELLIER ( France's Number one Blues Guitarist ) BILLY PRICE(vocalist for Roy Buchanan) ,and others..

NEAL BLACK has performed in 21 countries at major festivals /venues including ; MONTREAL International Jazz fest(Canada),LE BATACLAN ( Paris , France) WOODSTOCK 20th anniversary(New York), GUADALAJARA Blues Fest (Mexico),NEW MORNING(Paris,France), ANTONE'S (Texas) , MONTREUX Jazz(Switzerland), RIVER BLUES FEST(Philadelphia), BRAGDOYA Blues ( Norway), LONESTAR ROADHOUSE ( N.Y.C) , PUISTOBLUES (Finland) , CASTLEBAR Blues( Ireland), NEW ORLEANS Music Fest (Germany),CAHORS Blues Fest(France) ISOLA LIRI BLUES FEST (Italy) GASTROBLUES Fest ( Hungary) HELL BLUES Fest (Norway ) ,, and many others…


In the 1990's NEAL BLACK moved to NEW YORK CITY where quickly gained a reputation as a Top Guitarist/ Performer / Songwriter .. NEAL BLACK was a regular at legendary New York Clubs like Manny's Car Wash , Tramps , LoneStar Roadhouse and was also on the scene at many late night JAM SESSIONS with POPA CHUBBY , JOAN OSBORNE , THE HOLMES BROTHERS etc ..

In 2000, NEAL BLACK headed to MEXICO , where spent almost 3 years touring the " HARD ROCK CAFE "circuit and performing Blues festivals there.. During his time in MEXICO , Neal recorded the Critically acclaimed "DREAMS ARE FOR LOSERS" . He was also a Professor of music at Pan American University and collaborated often on stage/Studio with Legendary Mexican/Cuban Artist & Musician , JOSE FORS & his Band FORSEPS…

2004- 2007, NEAL BLACK is currently living in the south of France , touring regularly throughout Europe with his band " NEAL BLACK & THE HEALERS" and working as a Producer/Songwriter /Guitarist for projects with other Artists including, BLUES CONSPIRACY, FRED CHAPELLIER, LEADFOOT RIVET, NICO WAYNE TOUSSAINT , MASON CASEY to name a few.
AVAILABLE: several dates NL,BE,LUX


Neris, Brie & Beer (BE)


Ingredients: Blues (minimum 75%), swing, shuffle and funk, a groovy Belgian rhythm section, No artificial additives, 100% organic.
Warning: It may contain traces of jazz. Serve hot and cool. Consume live.
Fernando Neris is a spanish blues artist living in Belgium since the year 2000. After leading a couple of bands, in Spain and Belgium, he decided to go solo in 2009.
His repertoire was a fine blend of pre war blues songs by Skip James, Blind Lemon Jefferson to name a few.
Fernando is a sublime slide and fingerpicking bluesman.
With this new trio you may expect songs from Kenny Burrell, T Bone Walker and other great bluesmen
Jazzy Blues from Liège (Belgium)
Fernando Neris: Guitar, dobro & Vocals
Jean Debry: Bass
Eric Mingelbier: Drums

Available year round for NL,DE



Pearl Handled Revolver (UK)



Pearl Handled Revolver were brought together by a mutual love of all things gritty, psychedelic and cinematic and a desire to create music uninhibited by considerations of genre, taste or decency. From the outset the band have been passionate about following their musical instincts rather than adhering to a particular style or fashion. Their unique take on the heavier side of life is borne of this adventurous spirit, which has, in turn, enabled them to absorb a myriad of influences drawn from the darkest corners of the blues to the outer edges of psychedelic expression, from primal rock n roll to cerebral film score.

'They sound like some half remembered dream you had about Tom Waits fronting the Doors. Creepy, Groovy and utterly infectious'.Classic Rock Magazine

The quartet’s recording output is also prolific; between 2010 and 2013, they released four EPs and two full length albums, all of which were recorded and produced by the band in their very own studio. Throughout this time, they have snared widespread praise from the likes of Powerplay Magazine and Classic Rock, Guitar & Bass and Blues Matters. The band have also widely toured throughout the UK and Europe, playing with acts as varied as The Black Crowes, Stray, The Blockheads, FM, The Quireboys, Black Star Riders, Toots and the Maytalls, Wilko Johnson and Focus.

Following the departure of their bassist in 2013, they resolved to continue as a quartet. This changed musical dynamic inspired another evolution in the Pearl Handled Revolver sound, prompting them to begin writing and recording the material for their widest ranging studio album to date, ‘If The Devil Cast His Net’. The result is a truly dynamic and atmospheric combination of heavy rock's energy and vitality, cutting blues and scorching psychedelic flourishes.

'It's music that sounds like it's coming up through the gutter from a subterranean blues club that is frequented by a collection of vagabonds and circus freaks tripping on hallucinogens.'Powerplay
AVAILABLE: several weekends 2017

Pearl Handled Revolver










Pierre K Band (BE)



Pierre was born in Liège (Belgium). He began to learn music at the age of 8 starting with classical piano, he then switched to guitar at the age of 14. His main influences were Bryan Adams, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. Pierre also started to take a keen interest in vocals. He started composing his own music pretty early and played with several bands (Kascross Band, Keep it Deep and The Skydyers ... just to name a few!). In the last few years, he played the blues all around Belgium with Pak Trio Blues Band. Pierre thought it was about time to start his own band playing & writing the music he loves. He has spent the last year writing & arranging the music for his 1st album ‘Troubles On My Mind’ and found the right musicians who share the same passion for great music and a life on the road.

Het motto “Blues van bij ons” is hier van toepassing. Pierre K is een band afkomstig van Luik. De titel “Troubles On My Mind” verwijst misschien naar onderliggende problemen die bij iedereen wel eens aanwezig zijn. In het geval van Pierre K levert dit een hoogstaande cd op. De heren presenteren ons blues – rock, beter nog powerblues, van een zeer hoog niveau. Goede rifs, “Star Life”, perfect gespeelde gitaarsolo's, “Money Machine” – “My Lady”, en een orgel om je vingers van af te likken, die bovendien alom tegenwoordig is. Het gitaarspel van Pierre is verbluffend. Hij kan ze laten scheuren, schreien, gillen maar ook gevoelig laten wenen zoals op “Island Of Peace”. Misschien het enige minpunt is de wat vlakke stem van Pierre op de snelle nummers. Zijn timbre komt beter tot uiting op bv “My Lady”. Dat is trouwens het beste nummer van de cd. Dit nummer alleen verantwoordt de aanschaf van deze schijf. Live moet deze band de pannen van het dak spelen naar mijn mening. Ik kijk er dan ook al naar uit om ze eens bezig te zien.
Pierre Kasprzyk: gitaar, zang
Maxime Cromps: orgels
Olivier Fanuel: basgitaar
Raphaël Pire: drums

Available year round for NL,GER,BE,LUX, SUI


Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue (UK)

Ruzz is a Gretsch wielding guitarist born and bred in Bristol UK. He has been taking audiences by storm with his unique guitar style for a few years now and still shocks people at every gig he plays.

After taking inspiration from many great guitarists such as Wilko Johnson, Brian Setzer, Jim Heath and Jimmie Vaughan, Ruzz has developed what he has learnt into his own style which is quickly becoming recognised around the UK.

After only 6 months of playing guitar Ruzz was out playing with Blues bands and in Blues jams around his home city of Bristol. After making a name for himself around the Blues scene he started playing with 'The RedHot Trio' around the Rockabilly scene of Bristol and the UK which shot his career and reputation up almost instantly and he started being recognized more and more for his unique sound and style.

In 2012 he joined the Bristol/Bath based Rockabilly band 'The Cheaterslicks' which has again boosted his reputation around the UK and more so around Europe. In 2014 Ruzz decided that he wanted to get back to his roots and main influence - the Blues. This decision has led to this new project 'Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue', a powerful Soul-Injected Blues/R&B band made up of experienced musicians from the Bristol music scene.

This new Soul injected Blues/Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly band will soon be in your town, and when it is you better be ready for a killer night!
AVAILABLE TOUR 2017 several dates NL,DEU,BE,LUX


The Rude Move (NL)

Opgericht in 2008 onder de rook van Rotterdam heeft The Rude Move in de afgelopen jaren een goede naam als verrassende en energieke bluesband opgebouwd bij menig café en op festival podia in Nederland. Met stevige maar vooral gevarieerde Blues/ BluesRock covers, stomende, rauwe of meeslepende solo's, een gevoelige slow of een stevige Rock & Roll song dragen deze heren hun steentje bij aan de blues scène.

Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Zz top, Gary Moore, Omar and the Howlers en eigen nummers worden met passie en plezier gespeeld. Want op het podium heeft The Rude Move altijd plezier en daar ligt de kracht van deze band. De nummers worden niet alleen goed gespeeld, maar de lol die zij onder elkaar op het podium hebben, heeft ook zijn uitwerking op het publiek.
The Rude Move bestaat uit ervaren muzikanten die hun sporen hebben verdiend en nu hun krachten gebundeld hebben in de Blues en altijd hun liefde voor muziek uitstralen.

AVAILABLE: year round on demand