Bluesfarm Music Agency, located at the Rhine-Waal Delta, the Netherlands, EU.


For bands, artists who consider a tour in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and maybe even some other EU countries, one-man runned Bluesfarm Music Agency may be the booking agency you are looking for.
Voor boekingen, advies en promotie van Americana, blues, roots, alt-country artiesten.

Welcome on the website !

Ik ben een enorme muziekliefhebber, bluesliefhebber en heb in de loop der jaren veel kennis van blues en aanverwante muziekstijlen opgedaan.
Met "bluesfarm" kan ik op diverse manieren advies en info geven aan iedereen die bluesconcerten wil organiseren, bands die een podium zoeken en media die info zoeken over bluesmuziek. Zoals dat wel vaker gaat ben ik er bij toeval 'ingerold'. Het begon met een paar 'dingetjes' regelen en doen voor een USA bluesman. Daarna waren er wat bands die mij benaderden via myspace (geen Facebook toen). Zo kan het dus gebeuren dat ik me op deze manier manifesteer om een aantal artiesten aan optredens te helpen. Dit valt niet mee, soms is het moeilijk om te constateren dat sommige artiesten mensen volledig koud laten. But the music train rolls on.....

Uiteraard gaat het niet om mij, maar om dat machtige 'iets' : Muziek en in het bijzonder:

" Americana, Blues, Roots and Beyond...."


Please allow me to give a brief introduction. My Christian name is Jacob, preferable Jay. I was born in the Netherlands in 1960. When i was a boy of five years, my parents played the LP Soundtrack from the musical "Annie get your gun" . There was a tune with a dobro. I was very excited and curious, this sounded so different from my dad's music (Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller) and my mom's (Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino) i played it over and over again.

When i was about eight years old, my older nephews were into BLUES. They listened to Jimmy Hendrix, Doors, Livin' Blues, John Mayall, Jethro Tull, Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield etc. This was my music, i loved those guitars, harmonicas, the lyrics and the way they sounded and dressed.

So, here i am, 50-ish years old and more into blues and americana as ever before ! It's a passion that will last forever. So many pre-war blues to discover, so many new bands: i love it !

People say i am honest, trustworthy, serious (as serious as hell), reliable and that 'i've got a golden ear listening to music'.

Although times are still very hard booking gigs for musicians, i will not give up easy representing artists. But..let's make this clear: the live music scene is rather poor for the 8th year in a row. Therefore, it can happen that the number of gigs i book for you will not meet your wishes and demands. We work on commission, "no cure, no pay".

Since Bluesfarm music Agency is relative new in this business, it's  building a network of venues,clubs,cafees, theaters etc. I cover most of the music venues and clubs in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. However this is NO guarantee for getting gigs. Too many bands want to play over here..
In fact, there are artists who were disappointed about Bluesfarm because small number of gigs or even no gigs. Just saying..

If you think that working with big fishes in this business will be more effective don't hesitate to contact one of those fine agencies. In general, all agencies are handling a great number of artists/bands and have a strong network.The fact is that the number of artists who wants to tour in Europe outnumbers the cafees, clubs and venues who brings live music..

Please take notice: Bluesfarm Music Agency will only work for and with artists who i believe in, both as human and musician, with all due respect.

Jacob Jay Landman.



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